New Mad Butcher 45s: LAUREL AITKEN classics for the BOSS DJ

Mad Butcher has done it again! Reissuing some classic skinhead reggae 45s from the vaults of LAUREL AITKEN! First up is the must have LAUREL AITKEN “Landlords & Tenants’ b/w “Everybody Suffering” – then not to be outdone the sweet soulful vocals of TREVOR LLOYD “Give Me Back Your Love” b/w “Hold Me” – a 1970 production originally on EXPLOSION, a lovers tune with scratchy early reggae production. If you love PAT KELLY you’re NEED this. Buy both and save $$. Cool new MAD BAUTCHER label sleeve too!

Mad Butcher
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1Laurel Aitken "Landlords" 7 inch$10.000.25 lbs
2Trevor Lloyd "Give Me" 7 inch$10.000.25 lbs
3Buy Both 7 inches (Save $5!)$15.000.50 lbs
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WeightZone 1Zone 2Zone 3
0.05 lbs$0.00$0.00$0.00
0.25 lbs$4.00$6.00$0.00
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