MANGO WOOD “In The Beginning: A Sides & B Sides” LP vinyl – top Spanish band’s singles collected

Grover Records issues a must-have collection of early 7 inch singles (on the band’s Respect Records imprint)  from top-shelf Spanish Rocksteady/Early-Reggae/Ska band with members from Upsttemians, Einstein, Ready Getters, Rude Pride, The Crepitans, Free Mode. You’ve loved their 2020 debut on Liquidator, and the band is so good in concert that 2023 saw a Live album too! We have limited edition red vinyl (250 copies) and classic black vinyl for the audiofile heads!

A1 First Time  A2 Try (Until We Make It)  A3 Rudie Don’t Dance  A4 The Way  A5 Keep It Cool  A6 Flesh & Bone  B1 Fall  B2 Mash It Down  B3 Wrong Way  B4 Never Grow Old  B5 Tough Girl Duppy Man  B6 Blue Sensation

Mango Wood
In The Beginning
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