MegaSuperUltra – “Power Pop Art” CD – (JUMP029 – OUT OF PRINT)

In the late 70’s, parka-clad thousands took to beaches of Brighton to defend the Mod way of life, depicted in the classic film Quadrophenia. Bands like The Jam, Purple Hearts, Secret Affair, The Lambrettas, and countless others re-ignited the R&B influenced, energetic pop sound that had been missing in punk, yet still containing the intensity and emotion of the UK punk movement. Here in the United States, rock critics tend to cite this “power-pop” movement in terms of it’s Chicago roots, most notably Cheap Trick, Green, Shoes, and Material Issue…..which is fine to the members of MegaSuperUltra, the 12 songs on “Power Pop Art” have been crafted from the very core of rock. The music is full of quick changes, stops, starts, and cleverly honed lyrics mingled with irresistible melody. These songs are non stop action, obviously based on the Mod styles and ideals of 1960’s England but given an distinct American twist. The world is ready for this “brand” of feel-good pop again, directly targeted to the new high-paced Scooterist movement that is bubbling strong in the underground once again.

Sounds like: The Jam, The Who, XTC, and Elvis Costello all wrapped up together

For Fans of: The Strike, Teenage Frames, Œ79 UK Mod revival bands, Manual Scan, Detour Records UK, Odd Numbers

Mega Super Ultra – Power Pop Art – Jump Up. On listening to this surprisingly powerful trio first thought is that this is as good, and in some cases better than anything around during the ’79 Mod Revival. Power chords abound throughout. There’s not a bum track contained anywhere among the twelve. With a sound reminiscent of The Jam at their peak, other reference points being The Buzzcocks and The Chords, this power pop package is quite simply awesome full of power pop at its very best. –Scootering Magazine UK Feb 2000
MegaSuperUltra: Power Pop Art (Jump Up) MegaSuperUltra are the sound of the Mod revival era (¹79 -¹82 approx.) incarnate. Earnest vocals (reminiscent of XTC¹s Andy Partridge in a hurry) and lyrics, crisp clean production, and snappy bass and drums in support of guitarist/vocalist Tom Shover¹s power chord pandemonium. From their parkas, to the target images in the liners, to their tunes, these lads ain¹t afraid to show their roots. (12 tracks. 35:01 playing time.)—-Mohair Sweets Mag Canada

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MegaSuperUltra "Power Pop Art"
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