MENOTTI HI FI “Yksi” LP – incredible dub assault for fans of Beastie Boys and On-U Sound! Includes a FUGAZI cover!!!

This is not your typical dub album. NOWHERE close. Sure, MENOTTI HI FI is firmly based in Jamaican studio wizardry like the original greats – LEE PERRY, KING TUBBY, SCIENTIST, etc. That’s a given in the world of dub. But you’ll immediately hear more complexity – hard-hitting boombastic percussion and eerie keyboards, sounding like a lost BEASTIE BOYS session from “Ill Communication” or “Check Your Head” – with MONEY MARK letting loose. Discordant distorted vocals and big bass lead the charge on songs, giving an almost industrial Tackhead or Renegade Soundwave vibe. Or dare we say trip-hop like Massive Attack or Tricky? If this had been released in the 90’s, a bidding war between Wax Trax, Grand Royal, and On-U Sound would have ensued. “Yksi” seems to have few boundaries – on the heavier side they cover “Casevettes” from FUGAZI’s “In On The Killtaker”, plus sampling a BILLY BRAGG speech on “Wouldn’t You”.  Yet through all this intensity their jazz roots do shine through, creating brilliant cosmic dub interpretations of Wayne Shorter’s “Mahjong”, John Coltrane’s “Tunji”, and our favorite McCoy Tyner’s “Contemporary Focus” – turning it into a hypnotic Barry Adamson style soundtrack cut. Towards the end vocalist Melina’s “Asking For A Friend” creates a haunting lovers dub excursion ala Hollie Cook.  No lie, this is literally our favorite listen so far in 2023 (our tastes can be wild!) – at this point you’re probably wondering who Menotti Hi Fi is?  They’re a spin-off of German jazz-dub-roots veterans Senior All Stars! If you dug our recent FLYING VIPERS releases or LOLLYPOP LORRY album, you’ll definitely need this! Limited edition of 250 numbered copies on black vinyl. This is a one shot deal, imported from VOR/Grover in Germany.

Hi Fi
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