GROVER color vinyl: SOUL RADICS “Big Shot” LP / “Radication” mini-LP / MOONHEAD PROJECT 7 inch /

We’re VERY proud of the SOUL RADICS. In 2012 we released their debut album on JUMP UP and the rest is history! Lead by the charismatic DANI RADIC, the SOUL RADICS soon were known the would round and toured Europe more than the USA. A wonderful new-traditional ska sound that appealed to pretty much everyone. So much energy and great songs! Long time fans will be happy to hear that DANI RADIC has a new mini-LP coming out this year backed by THE SLACKERS on Jump Up! But to hold you over, we have imported their 2015 classic “BIG SHOT” and 2016 mini-LP “Radication” – both on color vinyl. “Radication” is on a collectible 10″ vinyl edition with a bonus CD and huge fold out poster! In addition we have picked up more copies of DANI’s solo ska single recorded with European backing band, known as the MOONHEAD PROJECT  (black vinyl only available now)

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1"Big Shot" LP (yellow)$20.001.00 lbs
2"Radication" 10" (w/CD + poster) (blue)$20.001.00 lbs
3add "Moonhead Project" 7 inch (Save $2)$8.000.25 lbs
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