Black Friday 2022 Import: NEW YORK SKA JAZZ ENSEMBLE “In The Moment” LP / CD

The real kings of contemporary ska-jazz invite us to an exciting cocktail of Jamaican beats and jazz sounds. The band’s 15th studio album “IN THE MOMENT” is focused on the mantra to live in the present, since we do not know what the future will bring us. Something that we have all have thought about more than once in recent times! Since their inception in 1994 the New York Ska Jazz Ensemble has carried the torch lit by The Skatalites, adding a heavier dose of American jazz to create a groovy hybrid for the word to enjoy. If you were introduced to the band through their first three Moon Ska NYC albums, you won’t be disappointed with this brand new effort released on BRIXTON RECORDS SPAIN. Classic black vinyl and digipak CD available.

In The Moment (Import)
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