MANGO WOOD “In The Beginning: A Sides & B Sides” LP vinyl – top Spanish band’s singles collected

Grover Records issues a must-have collection of early 7 inch singles (on the band’s Respect Records imprint)  from top-shelf Spanish Rocksteady/Early-Reggae/Ska band with members from Upsttemians, Einstein, Ready Getters, Rude Pride, The Crepitans, Free Mode. You’ve loved their 2020 debut on Liquidator, and the band is so good in concert that 2023 saw a Live album too! We have limited edition red vinyl (250 copies) and classic black vinyl for the audiofile heads! Continue reading MANGO WOOD “In The Beginning: A Sides & B Sides” LP vinyl – top Spanish band’s singles collected

THE DOWNSETTERS “Chainsaw Lullabies” LP vinyl – Modern British 2-Tone with an edge!

One of today’s most beloved British ska bands finally gets their latest album on vinyl – limited edition yellow from Grover Records! THE DOWNSETTERS are top shelf modern 2-TONE, and “CHAINSAW LULLABIES” is arguably their best release to date. Capturing the feel of THE SPECIALS but without ripping the sound off – trombone and keys lead the way with good ol’ RODDY RADIATION influenced guitar riffs. THE DOWNSETTERS take a piece from today’s ska-punk pie, with modern chant heavy vocal breaks, occasional distortion and visits to ska-punk Hellcat related rhythms, along with “fake” radio intermissions. Continue reading THE DOWNSETTERS “Chainsaw Lullabies” LP vinyl – Modern British 2-Tone with an edge!

THE TOASTERS “Live At CBGB’s” (2002) LP vinyl / “Frankenska” (1989) LP vinyl

BLACK BUTCHER Germany loves THE TOASTERS! The legendary last CBGB’s set from THE TOASTERS in 2002, originally released my MVD Audio in 2015 and immediately went out of print! A great set captured professionally during the final weeks of the NYC club’s existence:  Shocker! / I’m Running Right Through The World / Shebeen / Sitting On Top Of The World / Modern World America / Mona / Can I Get Another? / Run Rudy Run / 2tone Army / Social Security. We’ve also restocked the the first ever LIVE album recorded in 1989 in London, featuring the first every appearance of COOLIE RANX on vocals, who was a temporary fill in due to the sudden departure of THRILL ME UP era singer CAVO and NENE (aka UNITY 2). Little did we know COOLIE would come back a few years later permanently. Originally issued on UNICORN records thanks to MAD BUTCHER Germany a whole new generation of ska fans gets to hear this classic on vinyl 30 years later. Limited to 500 copies. Read all about this great release at the DUFF GUIDE TO SKA.

International Ska Punk! DOPE TIMES “Where Ghosts” LP

Are you a fan of that 90’s Hellcat sound? Fast paced punky 2-Tone as perfected by the likes of Rancid’s Tim Timebomb or The Clash decades earlier? Well….we’ve got one for you!  DOPE TIMES are a Brazilian ska punk band featured on the TOO HECTIC International Collection, and by the looks of the art you know what you’re getting! Throwback Rancid skate punk and ska that’s spot on for fans who love those Give ‘Em The Boot comps 25 years ago! You loved their previous album “Life Is A Mess” and you’ll dig this new 2023 album “Where Ghosts Remain Outside”, German import limited to 200 copies.


SKANKING LIZARD “Original Chicago Reggae 1978-1996” LP anthology – Back In Print!

Skanking Lizard originated in Chicago in 1978 by a group of friends who had a deep love for reggae music, and by the 80’s this line up of northside musicians became Chicago’s original performing reggae band. Skanking Lizard was no island tribute band, they concentrated on developing their own sound which incorporated American roots rock with reggae rhythms. In the 1980’s, they became one of Chicago’s favorite festival bands and toured with the likes of Toots and the Maytals, Mighty Diamonds, Steel Pulse, Neville Brothers, and the B-52’s. They released the “Jesse James/Mushroom” 7 inch single in 1983, charting on Jamaica’s Top 40 List. In 1984 lead singer Alan “Blood” Lery released “Kingston Meets Chicago” 12” EP, which was recorded at Channel One Studios in Kingston and featured Jamaican legends Santa Davis on drums, Ranchie McLean on bass, Skully on percussion, Ansell Collins on organ, Howard Yukon of the Blue Riddim Band on guitar, and Shay Jones on backing vocals. The producer was Jimmy Becker of Blue Riddim band, a famed studio harmonica player who also was a member of Skanking Lizard in the early 1980’s. Both original vinyl releases appear on the band’s first ever anthology “Original Chicago Reggae”, out now in celebration of Record Store Day! Eleven tracks including never before released studio gems, including two ska tunes from 1988 recorded as a tribute to 2-Tone! Second Pressing on Yellow Vinyl out now! Continue reading SKANKING LIZARD “Original Chicago Reggae 1978-1996” LP anthology – Back In Print!

THE PRIZEFIGHTERS “Punch Up” LP vinyl / CD – Vintage Jamaican Shots from Minneapolis

THE PRIZEFIGHTERS are back with their third full-length full of vintage Jamaican ska, rocksteady and reggae full of socially conscious lyrics coupled with fantastic retro vocal harmonies. The band formed in the twin cities in 2006, and by the time of their 2010-2011 debut full length “Follow My Sound” they were already making trips to Chicago to back Jamaican legends at our Mayne Stage series, first Stranger Cole then Roy & Yvonne, soon followed by Charlie Organaire which lead to an album and European tour with the harmonica legend. In 2016 the band got the nod to back Derrick Morgan at Reggae Fest Chicago, playing in front of 4000+ people on a sweltering summer day! Fast forward to 2019 and their second full length “Firewalk” was released, an instant international sensation that has gone through many represses in it’s short lifespan! Now it’s time to unleash twelve new songs, ranging from manic early reggae (“Kick The Can”, “What Are You Going To Do”), scorching ska (“Company Time”, “Think & Pray”), the jumping reggae of “Close To Your Chest” and dark murderous Upsetters style on “The Hand At The Door”. Whatever your flavor of old school Jamaican music, THE PRIZEFIGHTERS have studied and mastered it with help from the originators – they are once again ready to unleash a new modern day traditional classic. Vinyl in two colors, red and gold, both limited to 250 copies. Compact Disc available too!

EASTERN STANDARD TIME “Clockwork” LP vinyl / CD – new album from Wash DC ska jazz champs!

It’s always an incredible day when EASTERN STANDARD TIME return with a new album! Traditional ska fans  worldwide have been waiting for “Clockwork” for years, a dozen tracks that range from ska-jazz soundtrack-esque instrumentals that sting, hand-clappin’ call-and-response feel good ska soul dancers, sultry night time Latin fueled numbers, and downtempo bubbly reggae soul groovers! The tempos on “Clockwork” keep you engaged and energized, long time fans will also be pleased to hear live favorites “The Dragon”, “Miles & Miles” and “Call Me Crazy” make appearances! Pick up the new record and you’ll hear why EST is huge in Europe after decades of festivals backing top Jamaican legends – now lets get these guys around the USA in 2023!? Two colors of vinyl, burgundy red and orange, both limited to 250 copies each. Compact Disc too to jam in your car!

BIM SKALA BIM “40th Anniversary” 7 inch EP – Three great covers!

BIM SKALA BIM is celebrating 40 years! Needless to say they are one of our all time favorite bands, American ska pioneers that helped fuel our ska obsession in the 80s when we were in high school! Back at the tail end of the 80’s a handful of US bands kept the flame alive with college radio airplay and small club gigs, it was at one of these first Chicago shows that we picked up their debut 7 inch “Fathead” with iconic design by Sluggo! To celebrate the band’s historic birthday we wanted to recrate that early DIY 7 inch single vibe, complete with “late night Kinkos xeroxed sleeves” designed once again by Sluggo! Three must have covers in BIM stylee, two on vinyl for the very first time. Stranger Cole’s “Run Joe” and Sam Cooke’s “Bring It On Home To Me” were both recorded in 1999, while The Beatles’ “Rain”  first appeared on the vinyl only “Boston Does The Beatles” LP  collection  in 1987. Black vinyl with big hole for real heads, one time press of 500 copies.

Hot Ska Punk! AMY GABBA & THE ALMOST FAMOUS “Screaming At The Top Of My Lungs” LP vinyl / CD

This album is SO great! A must for fans of that anthemic pop-punk ska sound of the 90s! Amy Gabba hails from Toronto, Canada – crafting her sound for many years leading up to her 2020 debut EP “The Heart Is Stupid”.  This EP included the brilliant ska-pop-punk sing-a-long “The Distance”, which was soon included on the vinyl only Ska Punk Daily / Pay Attention collection “Too Hectic: Ska Punk Goes International” and on Jump Up’s “ON THE BEACH” summer label sampler CD, which has been distributed to 3000+ fans worldwide. The response to “The Distance” was instant and soon Jump Up was 100% on board with whatever Amy wanted to release in the future! We were so impressed by her DIY drive, honestly, and passion for music – we knew immediately this was something we’d love to champion. Much to our surprise Amy was cooking up something HUGE for her next release, recording in Los Angeles at POT OF GOLD studios featuring members of modern day California ska-pop champs HALF PAST TWO and members of REEL BIG FISH!! That’s right AARON BARRETT and SCOTT KLOPFENSTEIN guest on this record, and TARA from HALF PAST TWO sings a killer duet with AMY as well on “He’s All Yours”!

Let’s back up a bit, we understand this all sounds too amazing to be true! No lies – “SCREAMING AT THE TOP OF MY LUNGS” is simply THAT good. We are so incredibly honored to be part of this release it blows our mind daily. AMY has poured her heart out into this album, every song is a catchy earworm seamlessly luring you into the next song.  Put aside the time, you will be unable to hit pause. You will leap out of your seat to flip the vinyl as fast as possible. Front to back this album cooks –  be it blistering modern sing-a-long punky ska (“One Of My Mistakes”, “How Dare You”, “Makes Me Want You More”), anthemic guitar driven pop-punk (“Punching Underwater”, “Ashes”), 90’s radio friendly alt-rock / grunge  (“Heavy”, “Asking For It” , “The Way We Changed”),  second wave 2-Tone with an edge (“Merry Go Round”, “Hey Little Rich Girl” ) or the reggae-rock closer “Uber-Over”.  We watched Amy create this masterpiece over the past year in sheer awe – when you get a copy make sure you tell her how incredible it is! We’re casting an early vote for pop-ska album of the year. INCLUDED IN OUR VINYL SUBSCRIPTION CLUB, we’ll begin shipping everyone out next week! Hot pink and radiant yellow vinyl, both limited to 250 copies each with a lyric & photo insert. Compact Disc too to play in your car!

Repressed! THE UPPERTONES “Easy Snapping” LP vinyl (random color) – a hot set of covers in Jamaican Rhythm & Blues style! Christmas 45 still available too!

Repress on random color vinyl! Italy’s The Uppertones is a powerful trio of trombone, vocals, piano, & drums who play pre-ska Jamaican rhythm & blues – fronted by Mr.T-Bone on lead vocals. Their style is rooted in 1950’s Jamaica when rural mento & calypso / folk music began to mix with boogie, swing , boogaloo, and American rock n’ roll – the seeds of ska. This trio aims to please crowds with a stompin’ swing mixed with the Jamaican edge and style. Mr.T-Bone is a well known singer, composer, and trombone player in the international ska scene who has released 10 solo albums in the last 15 years and has toured Europe, USA, Canada, Indonesia, Japan, Brazil and Mexico. Drummer Ferdinando Count Ferdi Masi is an Italian ska pioneer who founded Casino Royale and The Bluebeaters. Pianist Phil Cuomo is a very talented young musician, pianist and singer from Genoa, his hands run like a Louisiana train on the keys. The Uppertones first album “Closer To The Bone” was released in December 2015 to worldwide acclaim, then in 2017 returned with “Up Up UP!” featuring guest vocalist Jesse Wagner from The Aggrolites. In 2019 Jump Up dropped a Christmas 7 inch covering Luis Prima’s “Shake Hands With Santa Claus” setting the stage for their new album “Easy Snappin” – 10 toe-tappers including re-works of “Mojo Workin”, “L.O.V.E.”, “That’s Amore”, “Down In Mexico” and the title track. It’s a must for fans of original ska like The Skatalites, Byron Lee & The Dragonaires, Blues Buesters as well as jump blues crooners Louis Prima, Frank Sinatra and Louis Jordan. The Uppertones forte is without a doubt their live set – the trio has been touring non-stop playing close to 100 shows a year in 12 different European countries – hopping from club to club in addition to the summer festival circuit. Catch The Uppertones if you can! Continue reading Repressed! THE UPPERTONES “Easy Snapping” LP vinyl (random color) – a hot set of covers in Jamaican Rhythm & Blues style! Christmas 45 still available too!