Old times like us remember PORK PIE as a pioneering international label back in the late 80s, if it wasn’t for them bands like No Sports, Skaos, Napoleon Solo, and The Braces many not have reached a worldwide audience – after all this was pre-internet. It truly brings us joy to continue to work with them 32 years later, they are still promoting and discovering new bands to this day! Jump Up has co-released titles by Napoleon Solo, Leo & The Lineup, and Dr Ring Ding in recent years, and today we proudly import some of their latest titles! First up is the latest album from Germany’s Masons Arms, an incredible heavy reggae & ska band that has backed some of the best at Freedom Sounds festival, including Greg Lee of Hepcat, Jesse Wagner of The Aggrolites, Mick Claire of The Hotknives . A dozen blazing tracks sung in German, the groove is strong and will get you to move (even if you don’t speak the language!). YELLOW UMBRELLA’s “Hooligans of Love” came out in 2016 and is a stone cold traditional ska reggae classic!!! We felt too many people missed out on this incredible gem thus we have stocked it once again! ¬†Lastly we have received more copies of the brilliant 2018¬† “TOO FU*KED TO GO” from Germany’s YELLOW CAP, an energetic¬† neo-traditional ska act that brings to mind the great vibes of the early 90s European bands like Napoleon Solo, Mr Review, No Sports etc. We LOVE it! All budget priced to get you to try some great new GERMAN ska!

Pork Pie
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3Yellow Umbrella "Hooligans" LP$15.001.00 lbs
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