THE PRIZEFIGHTERS “Punch Up” LP vinyl / CD – Vintage Jamaican Shots from Minneapolis

THE PRIZEFIGHTERS are back with their third full-length full of vintage Jamaican ska, rocksteady and reggae full of socially conscious lyrics coupled with fantastic retro vocal harmonies. The band formed in the twin cities in 2006, and by the time of their 2010-2011 debut full length “Follow My Sound” they were already making trips to Chicago to back Jamaican legends at our Mayne Stage series, first Stranger Cole then Roy & Yvonne, soon followed by Charlie Organaire which lead to an album and European tour with the harmonica legend. In 2016 the band got the nod to back Derrick Morgan at Reggae Fest Chicago, playing in front of 4000+ people on a sweltering summer day! Fast forward to 2019 and their second full length “Firewalk” was released, an instant international sensation that has gone through many represses in it’s short lifespan! Now it’s time to unleash twelve new songs, ranging from manic early reggae (“Kick The Can”, “What Are You Going To Do”), scorching ska (“Company Time”, “Think & Pray”), the jumping reggae of “Close To Your Chest” and dark murderous Upsetters style on “The Hand At The Door”. Whatever your flavor of old school Jamaican music, THE PRIZEFIGHTERS have studied and mastered it with help from the originators – they are once again ready to unleash a new modern day traditional classic. Vinyl in two colors, red and gold, both limited to 250 copies. Compact Disc available too!

The Prizefighters
Punch Up
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