Chicago is known for developing the New Sound of ska-punk, but ’99 sees an exciting new band dash out of the 3rd largest city of America! Runforyerlife inject a warm, wholesome spirit into ska music: Carribean rhythms, groovy acid-jazz breaks, piercing horn lines, infections off-beats, and powerful girl pop-vocals. Affirming, positive messages about relationships, empowerment of women, religion, growing-up and interpersonal conflict, this debut album is a direct reaction to the aggressive ska-punk of recnt times. Each Runforyerlife song is distinct, adding punk guitar here, soundtrack jazz there, Klesmer horns, hip-hop, disco, whatever…..over varied tempos and styles. Some call it 3rd wave, others neo-traditional, yet their pop appeal and jazzy sensibilities take them to an entirely new level, yet firmly based on Jamaican roots and island groove. It’s a selection that commands your interest through 12 tight songs, recent compilations appearances on Smash Your Radio! and “Everything Off-Beat 2” have created a tremendous fan base in contemporary ska circles Runforyerlife hits the road heavily in 1999, bringing their spirit-filled groove ska to the masses.
For Fans of: Save Ferris, The Skalars, No Doubt, Metro Stylee, Usuals, the Robustos, One Eighty.

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Runforyerlife "Self-Titled"
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