THE SENIOR ALL STARS “What’s Next” LP + “Verbalized & Dubbed” LP

In 2010 when the album „The Senior Allstars In Dub“ was released, it was the first time that this German instrumental ska / reggae band gave compositions of theirs into the hands of others for remixes – curious to see what various dub producers would do with their material. The results not only excited the band tremendously but were enthusiastically received by their listeners and fans. On their last album, „What Next?“ (2012), the quartet created a unique and original kind of collectively and improvised dub when each member – equipped with mixing devices and effects – steered his input self-sufficiently and live. “Verbalized And Dubbed“ is not at all a second infusion or act of mere recycling, the band cooperated with dub-mixers and vocalists, just as in the case of BRUKKY and CRAZY BALDHEAD who recorded their opening track „Just Another Youth“ (a song marked by its alluring understatement) in New York. Or with VICTOR RICE, a longstanding friend of the band, who went into the studio in São Paulo with the Angola-born Pitshu. Dubmatix und Ammoye met in Toronto. Sometimes greater distances had to be bridged: for the collaboration between Sarah Winton (Manchester) and Dubvisionist (Hannover) for instance who also provided the ambience for Longfingah’s vocals. Tokunbo recorded her part for „I Dare You“ in Berlin, Umberto Echo did his mixing work in Munich. DR RING DING, former front figure of the Senior Allstars, joined forces with Dubolik in Zagreb and marched as proudly as relaxed through the dancehall on „Come Back Alive.“ KING DJANGO from New Jersey did not waste time nor space: he sang and remixed his track „It’s A New Day“ completely own his own. We are very proud to finally have these incredible dub albums available in the USA!

Senior All Stars
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