Black Friday 2022: HALF PAST TWO “Holiday” LP Picture Disc (Digital Print) / BUMSY & THE MOOCHERS “Diet Violence” LP – Chicago’s Ska Punk Powerhouse Debut

Last year’s fun “Holiday” EP now available as one sided digital print vinyl picture disc! Half Past Two, fresh off the release of their self titled 2021 full-length album, released a new EP titled ‘Holidays’ consisting of upbeat ska covers of the song “Holiday” by Madonna, Green Day, Vampire Weekend and Weezer! As guitarist/vocalist Max Beckman put it “While recording our cover of Madonna’s ‘Holiday’ last year, the idea of centering an entire release around covers of songs specifically titled ‘Holiday’ came up and was just too silly to ignore. Completing the additional three songs took a mad dash effort between releasing our new full-length record and returning to live shows but the songs turned out great! We’re super proud of this release and excited for our fans to get in on the joke”.  Green Day’s Holiday that gets the treatment first adding an injection of life, really dialing up the ska and even descending into a wicked sax solo to offer something fresh in a very familiar track. Vampire Weekend’s Holiday has a nice, mellow beat that fits the tone nicely, and believe it or not Weezer’s Holiday has just a touch more bounce and energy than the original!!! Not to be outdone the finale….Madonna’s much-loved Holiday where the band rock things up, blending heaviness with touches of ska. This unique digital printed on one side / music on the other “picture disc” is limited to 350 copies!

Chicago’s Bumsy and the Moochers don’t disappoint on their new album “Diet Violence”, mixing peppy ska with blistering pop punk. Immediate comparisons to 90s legends Less Than Jake, Reel Big Fish, Dance Hall Crashers, The Muffs, The Donnas, Bikini Kill, The Distillers, and Save Ferris come to mind – one could even go back further and hear influences from The Runaways and of course Operation Ivy! On the surface, the album is ten tracks of catchy, and high energy ska punk that will get you to skank and sing along with the choruses. If you choose to dig deeper into their lyrics, you’ll find that Bumsy and the Moochers have truly important things to say. For example on “Rewind 99” singer Caitlin Edwards reminisces about the good old days of playing outside, zero internet & Super Nintendo. “Jump the Gun,” criticizes the tendency to jump into political discourse when we are often ignorant about the topic at hand, “Time’s Up” is an anthem against bigots, racists, and misogynists in our society, “Not Gonna Have It” focusses on health and body issues and “Living the Nightmare” spotlights life’s unrealized expectations and aspirations. As a Chicago label we are SO PROUD to team up with Sell The Heart Records & Ska Punk International Records to bring you the vinyl edition of this incredible new album. Random color vinyl limited to 500 copies.

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