International Ska Punk! DOPE TIMES “Where Ghosts” LP / SHANDON “Best of 25 Years” LP

Are you a fan of that 90’s Hellcat sound? Fast paced punky 2-Tone as perfected by the likes of Rancid’s Tim Timebomb or The Clash decades earlier? Well….we’ve got two killer imports for you! SHANDON is an Italian ska punk band that formed in the mid 90s, and includes in their ranks Oly Riva the vocalist from THE MAGNETICS! Truthfully we missed this record the first time around as it was released in April 2020, but we’re determined to give this album a new lease on life. The guests alone will impress you – vocalists from Hub City Stompers, Inspector, Rumjacks, and the one and only Vic Ruggiero!  White vinyl import on Indie Box Records Italy. DOPE TIMES are a Brazilian ska punk band featured on the TOO HECTIC International Collection, and by the looks of the art you know what you’re getting! Throwback Rancid skate punk and ska that’s spot on for fans who love those Give ‘Em The Boot comps 25 years ago! You loved their previous album “Life Is A Mess” and you’ll dig this new 2023 album “Where Ghosts Remain Outside”, German import limited to 200 copies.


Ska Punk
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