Restocked! LAUREL AITKEN vs THE SKATALITES “Ska Titans” LP vinyl – 1999 Moon NYC classic on wax for the first time

First time on vinyl for this classic Moon Ska NYC title released in 1999 – “Ska Titans” is a wonderful collaboration between the “Godfather of Ska” Laurel Aitken and the legendary Skatalites recorded in the studio during 1996’s European Ska Splash tour – it was the first time the titans met up on record since 1964!  The album features original Skatalites Roland Alphonso, Lester Sterling, Lloyd Brevett, and Lloyd Knibb alongside longtime members Devon James, Will Clark, and Nathan Breedlove backing Aitken’s amazing vocals on a set of classics, including several Aitken originals. As an added bonus three live tracks are included, taken from the Ska Splash’s stop in Amsterdam.The live setting allows the band to stretch a bit more – versions of “Come Down” and “Mood For Ska” are fuller, and display the incredible energy that these men maintained well into their sixties. The real gem among the live tracks is “Sugar Sugar,” a song penned by Aitken for the lovely Doreen Schaffer, the Skatalites’ long-time vocalist. Ms. Schaffer still has one of the most beautiful voices in the world, and uses it to its finest effect on this gorgeous ska ballad.  Mad Butcher Records Germany, limited edition of 500 copies on 180g vinyl wit “inside out” cover.

01 In The Mood For Ska / 02 It’s Too Late / 03 Same Old Song / 04 I Love You / 05 Come Down /
06 Summertime / 07 Rude Boy Dreams / 08 Bad Minded Woman / 09 Come Down (live) /
10 Sugar Sugar (live) / 11 Confucious (live)

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