BRIXTON Restocks: SOWETO “You Gave Me Fever” LP / “South West Town” LP

“You Give Me Fever” is the debut album from top ska & rocksteady band from Barcelona. Like in the golden era of Jamaican music, this album will make you dance, feel, and enjoy the real ska riddim. Soweto`s original songs will take you to the best traditional 50`s & 60`s tunes of Jamaica, and as a special guest you’ll find the living legend  BB SETON from THE GAYLADS on two modern  classics! “South West Town” is the band’s second full length from 2011, the band truly perfected their craft bringing a purist, traditional and jazz style to a new set of classics.  Twelve tracks of that original ska/reggae sound that could easily have been composed in a Trenchtown yard in the early 60’s.  Includes a  guest appearance by  Derrick Morgan too!

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