RSD 2023: SUPER TIGER “Super Duper Sampler” LP (w/John Bunkley, Jade Tremba, Rachael Stokes & more)

Detroit has been a hotbed of activity in the ska/reggae scene recently, and much of that has been at the hands of producer extraordinaire ERIC “SUPER TIGER”¬† MAZURAK. Many fans first heard Eric’s work on THE TELLWAYS debut album, now-a-days he pours effort into solo albums from JOHN BUNKLEY of GANGSTER FUN, plus roots reggae outfits GAIN STAGES and LEAVING LIFTED, who provide the backing here for JAH QUES, JADE TREMBA (RUDE GIRL REVUE / SCOTCH BONNETS), and RACHAEL STOKES (THE TELLWAYS). Twelve total tracks, most exclusive to this collection on vinyl! JUMP UP is so proud to partner with SUPER TIGER¬† to release this killer collection! Orange and white vinyl limited to 250 copies, you can also get this amazing album in our RSD deals currently running! Includes an exclusive art print painted by John Bunkley himself! Add the Count Valentine & Love Notes 7 inch for only $5 more – two jump blues ska-n-b tunes with John Bunkley on lead vocals!

Side A:

John Bunkley “On The Basis of Something Superficial”
Gain Stages feat Jade Tremba & Jah Ques “Sour Candy”
Gain Stages feat Jah Ques “Wrong (Revolution Song)”
John Bunkley “Sunshine And Chocolate”
Leaving Lifted “Digital Mourning”
Gain Stages feat Oriel Barry “Tsunami”

Side B

Gain Stages feat Jade Tremba “Sunflower Seeds”
Leaving Lifted “Along For The Ride”
Gain Stages feat Jade Tremba & Jah Ques “Tinder Swindler”
Gain Stages feat Rachael Stokes & Jah Ques”
Gain Stages feat Jade Tremba & Jah Ques “You’re My Remedy”
Gain Stages “Zeldafarian”


Super Tiger
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