JUMP UP classics / GROVER vinyl imports: THE STINGERS ATX and Brazil’s FIREBUG

In recent months we have been feeling nostalgic for those “quiet years” in the international ska / reggae scene. To read (false) articles that ska was “dead” in the early 2000’s is preposterous!  In the early 2000’s we released album after album each and every year and helped (re) build the foundation – true REAL ska fans supported these record and bands and kept us going – THANK YOU! With that said we have restocked three of these albums from that time that out pals at Grover Records in Germany issued on vinyl.  Austin Texas’ STINGER ATX originally released in 2002 plus the wonderful 2006 album from Victor Rice reggae legends FIREBUG. The stock we have is EXTREMELY limited and won’t last long, and it is most likely the final copies we will have for the USA.


Brazil’s FIREBUG steps out of a music time machine every time they take the stage – vintage Jamaican sounds from the 60’s / early 70’s – the frantic pace of Ska, the soulful lyricism of Rocksteady, the depth of One-Drop reggae, and the psychedelic heights of Dub. Even with Brazil being the world’s second largest reggae market, the vast majority of Jamaican styles still remain unexplored with local fans and musicians. This is where Firebug comes in–creatively expanding on vintage riddims in order to keep the music’s history alive and vibrant for an entire new generation. Initially composed of two Brazilians and one relocated American, Firebug is singer/songwriter/guitarist Felipe Machado, Continue reading FIREBUG (BRAZIL) “On The Move” CD (JUMP066 – OUT OF PRINT)