Black Friday! GO JIMMY GO “Holliday Hell Yeah!” LP vinyl – Christmas Classic from 2007 finally on wax!

Hawaii is not exactly the place that springs to mind when one thinks about Christmas. Coconut palms rather than conifers,  and macadamias instead of chestnuts roasting on an open fire. Does Santa ditch his red suit for shorts and swap out his sleigh for a surfboard, choosing to ride waves instead of snow? Of course, GO JIMMY GO throw the eggnog out the window and grab a couple of daiquiris, a Piña Colada, and dash down to Waikiki beach to create Christmas tunes steeped in sweet island sugar! “HOLIDAY HELL YEAH!” is a scrumptuous set of 10 seasonal selections with a high level of musicianship, smooth rhythms, haunting vocal harmonies, and slick arrangements. Sure, the set includes beloved staples “MELE KALIKIMAKA”, “SLEIGH RIDE” and “MERRY CHRISTMAS, BABY”, but what makes this album shine years later are the originals: one you hear “HOLIDAY MOVIE MARATHON”, “TROPICAL CHRISTMAS”, “CHING-A-LING-A-DING-DONG” and the title track you’re hooked for life! Originally issued on MOON ROOM RECORDS in 2007, JUMP UP is proud to reissue this Christmas classic on vinyl for the very first time, on holiday red and green vinyl! Come dip your toes in the warm waters of the “Island Sound Known The World Round”. Merry Christmas everybody – Hawaiian Style! Go Jimmy Go style!


“THE ISLAND SOUND KNOWN WORLD ROUND”! Hawaiian ska & reggae superstars GO JIMMY GO finally release their 5th album on delicious vinyl through JUMP UP RECORDS ! We were there at the very beginning with their first CD, and proudly return with this vinyl version, limited to 500 copies. The LP version has 4 dubs that are not on the CD – killer smokin’ dubs courtesy of OOKLA THE MOC and WARSAW POLAND BROTHERS. We also have in stock their entire CD catalog: “SOUL ARRIVAL”, “S/T First Album”, “GIRL WITH THE FISHBOWL EYES”, and “HOLIDAY HELL YEAH!” – for only $10 each paypal to


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GO JIMMY GO – “Slow Time” CD – (JUMP042 – OUT OF PRINT)

With the music industry coming out of an punk-ska saturation era, GO JIMMY GO truly come across as a breath of fresh air! Entertaining the Hawaiian islands with their wonderful style of harmonius ska/rock-steady since 1996, GO JIMMY GO has gained loyal friends and supporters worldwide through appearances on traditional-ska-compilations like ROOTS BRANCH & STEM Vol 2, WEST COAST CRONICLES Vol 1, and most recently on Jump Up’s SMASH YOUR RADIO VOL 2 sampler. Only a seasoned Continue reading GO JIMMY GO – “Slow Time” CD – (JUMP042 – OUT OF PRINT)