TRAVELERS ALL STARS “HEART SHAPED” 10″ vinyl – limited Mexican import!

We’ve got a very small amount of these wonderful 10″ sized heart shaped red vinyl records from Chez Nobody Records in Mexico! “Love In The Stars” and “Weekend Lover” are killer instrumental early / skinhead reggae jams in the vein of THE UPSETTERS, CRYSTALITES or THE AGGROLITES. Produced by Moises Chez and recorded
at YOX DISCOS (México City, 2021). Very collectible don’t delay!

– Jorge Martínez (Drums)  – Israel Padrón (Bass)  – Eduardo “Lalo” Hammond (Keyboard)  – Orlando Martínez (Lead Guitar)  – Virgilio Ramírez (Mute Guitar &Bass)  – Ludovic Ortiz (Mute Guitar &Tambourine)


BRIXTON SOUNDS “Fiebre, Locura & Pasion” LP (OUT OF PRINT)

Mexico’s BRIXTON SOUNDS started in 2003, early on focusing on covers of foundation ska & reggae. Their first production “LOSING THE TIME” was recorded in 2005 and helped grow the band’s fanbase across the Mexican republic, their second recording “PISTOLEROS” from 2009 quickly brought them international acclaim. BRIXTON SOUNDS have performed with international bands such as The Aggrolites and Chris Murray, and have participated in several major music festivals in Mexico City. In 2012 long running California label STEADY BEAT released the band’s debut vinyl 7″ record – fast forward to 2017 and we here at JUMP UP get offered to release their brilliant debut vinyl full length LP. On this full length jazz is king, you get summery female fronted vocal ska, boogaloo soul influenced instrumental groovers, hot organ driven jazz roots and early/skinhead reggae. Continue reading BRIXTON SOUNDS “Fiebre, Locura & Pasion” LP (OUT OF PRINT)