OUT OF LINE – “Channel Surfing” CD – (JUMP059 – OUT OF PRINT)

Since 2001, Milwaukee, Wisconsin based OUT OF LINE has quickly gained a varied audience blending ska, rock, punk, pop, and funk to create an engergetic sound all it’s own. Seven memebers strong including a powerful female lead vocalist, OUT OF LINE’s infectious, danceable Third Wave ska-punk is driven by dark 2-Tone styled keyboards and horns. OUT OF LINE is often compared to popular crossover ska-pop acts DANCE HALL CRASHERS, SAVE FERRIS, and NO DOUBT, but these guys are truly so much more! One listen to “CHANNEL SURFING” shows an entirely unique sonic range – hard rock guitars, peppy off-beats, bouncey keys, Continue reading OUT OF LINE – “Channel Surfing” CD – (JUMP059 – OUT OF PRINT)