Mad Butcher reissues German 80s ska classics! SKAOS “Catch This Beat” LP / BLECHREIZ “Who Napped J.B.?” LP

Two more great reissues from MAD BUTCHER! First off is the wonderful second album of bouncy 2-Tone rhythms from SKAOS! This stone cold classic originally was released in 1989 on PORK PIE Germany, but also appeared across the world a year later on UNICORN UK. From the get go this album gets your feet moving much in the same way as others from the era: MR REVIEW, NO SPORTS, NAPOLEON SOLO immediately come to mind.¬† SKAOS was always compared to MADNESS back in the day, and I can still see that – this album does have a constant “ONE STEP BEYOND” feel to it with it’s hypnotic horns and tight keys. Oh my listening to this once again brings back some memories! Reissued in original German art.¬† Another gem from Germany is BLECHREIZ¬† “Who Napped J.B.?”, a soul influenced 2-Tone gem that originally was released on the short lived RUDE RECORDS in Germany.