The Teenage Frames play thoroughly modern, high energy rock and roll, and they play it in a way that hasn’t been heard in a long time, mixing and matching a number of seemingly unconnected musical veins–glam attitude, punk energy and power-pop stylings. Their debut album ‘More Songs, Less Music” immediately created “hometown” followings throughout the Midwest, and now this Chicago band is poised to break into the big time with this, their second release. One half of the album was recorded with Steve Albini (Nirvana, Bush) manning the board and one half was recorded by Mike Hagler (Wilco, Billy Bragg). And just to make sure no one in their right mind will want to miss this album, PRB Publicity’s Yvonne Garrett (Mojo Records, Dropkick Murphy’s) is also on the team. The Teenage Frames’ first album met with unanimous critical praise in the US and Europe and received airplay on commercial alternative and college radio stations on both continents. They’ve toured extensively behind the record both in the US and Europe, performing with bands such as Marky Ramone and the Intruders, The Queers, Less Than Jake, and the Mr. T Experience. This album will yield even bigger results as the band plans to hit the road in support of this album and stay on it until the job is done.

For Fans of: Electric Frankenstein, Ramones, Odd Numbers, Clash, MC5 (Wayne Kramer), New York Dolls, Cheap Trick, The Strike, The Jam, The Hellacopters, New Bomb Turks

Teenage Frames: 1% Faster (Jump Up) With strong elements of both circa ’77 UK punk/pop (think Vibrators, SLF, Generation X) and Yank punk/rock of the same era (Dead Boys, bit of Dolls), the Teenage Frames grind it out in an effort to make the big time. They have some good tunes and it certainly sounds like they are trying their best to raise some shit along the way. I haven’t ever seen them live so I can’t really say if they deliver the goods in a club, but if they can score guys like Albini to twiddle the knobs in the studio they must be doin’ somethin’ right. PLAY VERY LOUD! (14 tracks and available on vinyl!) (Colin Bryce/Mohair Sweets)

Check out the bands homepage at www.teenageframes.com

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Teenage Frames "1% Faster"
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