TELEGRAPH (formerly the Skolars) – “10 Songs & Then Some” CD / LP (JUMP007 – OUT OF PRINT)

After appearances on top U.S. ska comps “American Skathic”, “American Skathic 2”, “Spawn Of Skarmageddon” (on MOON), and ‘Generic Skaca” (which combined have sold more than 40,000 copies), Detroit’s top ska-punk band finally release their debut full-length after three years of hardwork & touring. The Skolars are part of today’s new skool ska movement, one that refuses to copy the 60’s/2-Tone formula. Their sound builds on the energy & positive message from previous ska eras and adds anthemic punk rock progressions, jump up breakdowns, full-throttle off-beats, and punchy horn stabs. The band’s true-to-ska commitment creates a fresh modern hybrid that appeals to many “types” of ska fans, plus doing well with the SoCal/Fat Wreck/Epitaph pop punks. Catchy as hell, The Skolars’s punx ska energy brings instant comparisons to SLAPSTICK, SUICIDE MACHINES (whose drummer helped form the band in ’93), and the MIGHTY MIGHTY BOSSTONES, making them a big hit at this year’s WARPED tour. If that wasn’t enough, the album was recorded at A&M studios in L.A with the well-respected duo of “Me & Al”, who produced Down By Law’s albums on Epitaph and have worked with Everclear. The legacy of American Skathic continues to thrive due to the high-quality of the bands it promoted back in the day ….Midwest Ska….just try to stop it!

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1. “Should’ve Stayed Home Tonight”
2. “Head first,Feet first”
3. “She Crys”
4. “Everyone”
5. “Carry On”
6. “Fighting Time”
7. “In My Opinion”
8. “Belong”
9. “Had Enough”
10. “After The Show”
11. “Rude Girl”
12. “Something Else”
13. “Unity”
14. “Sleep”

Telegraph "10 Songs & Then Some"
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