TELEGRAPH – “Quit Your Band” CD EP – (JUMP016)

After spending their first three years under the moniker The Skolars, the band changed it name in 1997 to “Telegraph” for a number of reasons. For one, the use of “ska” in band names was a bit tired, and the band wanted to convey that this was a new era, a new unit, with a sharper writing flair that doesn’t always incorporate ska. Their first album was re-released under the new name, and to date this record has sold just over 10,000 units. Compilation appearances on Asian Man’s Misfits of Ska 2 and Universal distributed Ska American Style solidified the band in 1997, and the beginning of 1998 saw them touring all over the United States, first with Mustard Plug and then a five week stint with Suicide Machines. This 6 song CDEP is strictly for the fans, who’ve been patiently waiting for something new! Two brand new studio ska-punk tunes, two previously unreleased demo tracks, and 2 live cuts thrown in for good measure. There’s even a Weezer-esque cut just to show you their range. Ska. Pop. Rock. Punk. Whatever. Detroit Styled since 1993.

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1. “Quit Your Band”
2. “Open 24 Hours”
3. “Silly of Me (demo version)”
4. “Coffee Drinking Song (very demo version)”
5. “September 14th (live)”
6. “American Way (live)”

Telegraph "Quit Your Band"
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