Grover Restocks: THE TENNORS “Reggae Girl” LP / “Another Scorcher” LP restocked! 180g pressings with free CD!

The Tennors were a Jamaican rocksteady and reggae vocal group in the 1960s and ’70s. “Reggae Girl” simply put is a killer Boss Reggae album originally released in 1968, featuring The Tennors, The Harmonians, Roman Stewart, Jonny Moore & Karl Bryan, Eric Monty Morris,  Tommy McCook, Charlie Organaire, Kingstonians, and more. This limited reissue is on 180g features 4 extra bonus tracks just on the vinyl version.  Tracklisting:  Side A:  REGGAE GIRL, OH MY BABY, KHAKI, THE STAGE, DONKEY TROT, WHILE I WAS WALKING, PARAPINTO*, COPY ME DONKEY*,    Side B:  HE IS BACK, RIDE YOUR DONKEY, I’M GONNA MAKE IT, GO YOUR WAY, GRAMPA, CLEOPATRA, PUZZLE*, DOUBLE ATTACK*    *bonus tracks

“ANOTHER SCORCHER” (anthology Vol. 2) is  the sequel to ‘Reggae Girl‘ and is a true ‘must have‘!
Tracklist:  1 Tennors Another Scorcher  2 Tennors Massie Massa  3 Karl Bryan The Creeper
4 Tennors You’re No Good  5 Eric Morris A Little Bit Of This  6 Jonny Moore & Karl Bryan Cool Hand Luke
7 Eric Morris Deportation  8 Delroy Jones Donkey Skank  9 Tennors V-Rocket  10 Tennors Born To Be A Sufferer
11 Eric Morris Shame Face  12 Jackie Bernard with the Tennors Little Things  13 Tennors My Baby  14 Inspirations Wonder Of Love  15 Kingstonians I Am Just A Minstrel  16 Vin Gordon Tribute To Don Drummond

The Tennors
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