THE ADJUSTERS – “Politics of Style” CD – (JUMP014 – OUT OF PRINT)

From tight ska instrumentals to gritty soul stompers, Chicago’s ADJUSTERS keep the backbeat steady and the rafters rockin’! On this debut long-play record, you will hear all the important influences…you’ll know exactly what these cats have grown up listening to: ska, reggae, soul, anything that grooves! It’s called “Crucial Rhythm & Blues” and its all THEIR sound. If you’ve ever experienced this ten-piece live, you know exactly what to expect: raw energy, fierce arrangements, and attitude to burn! The Adjusters have come a long way in a very short amount of time, from the basement to the big stage, from house party to the House of Blues (opening for the Skatalites when they returned to Chicago) . The Adjusters are a ROOTS band in the true sense of the word, specializing in many genres of black music… ranging from Jamaican ska & reggae, Afro-Caribbean jazz, American Rhythm & Blues, Soul, JB’s style funky grooves, and hip-shakin, British inspired Mod-funk! One moment, you’ll find yourself hypnotically shuffling to old skool Jamaican riddims, and the next shakin’ your head and movin’ the feet frantically to a Commitments/JB’s style Mod-funk stormer! The Adjusters are yet another example of a band that could only have developed in today’s diverse and open-minded Midwest ska scene….this album will appeal to all fans of GROOVE music. Sure, fans of Hepcat & Mobtown will dig the 60’s ska and crucial reggae riddims’, but THE ADJUSTERS are going to open some ears & eyes, break the tired “ska norm”, and expose the world to a diverse set of sounds that are all related politically and culturally. American Skathic lives on through the top-notch bands it believed in from the very beginning….Midwest Ska…it not just for ska-punkers, you know!

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1. “Theme From The Politics Of Style”
2. “Miniskirt Minnie”
3. “Our Town”
4. “Freedom”
5. “Taylor”
6. “Speed Queen”
7. “Truth To Power”
8. “Burnt Cream”
9. “Can’t Help But Feel”
10. “Elegy”
11. “Weather Man”
12. “TSKF”
13. “Soul Power”

The Adjusters "Pacifics of Style"
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