PARKA KINGS – “23 Skidoo” CD – (JUMP004 – OUT OF PRINT)

The Parka Kings play a straight, up-tempo modern ska whose only gimmick is that they concentrate mor e on getting together some good songs rather than seeing how many genres they could cram into their act. Big ‘ol horns, a solid keyboard-bass-drums rhythm section, and solid production values make thi s one dependable disc. When they smooth out on a swingy jam like “Alone”, the urge to dance moves me. –Noah Wildman, Moon NYC Store Manager, printed in Sound Views
This is some traditional soulful ska with a bright horn section complemented by a rich, deep organ sound. The result is really moving and addictive. The vocals are thin and almost come across as more of a pop/mod sound, but it works so well with the music that you find yourself getting completely enwrapped in it…I find it pretty damn amazing.” 
—Matt Wukitsch, Tail Spins
12 tracks of ska varying from quite the traditional to the not so ranging in tempo from quite relaxing to bouncy. One thing that all have in common is a pretty crisp sounding horn section. An extra bonus is the organ presence rippling through from time to time. Pretty good! 
–Aartvark, Flipside Magazine
Standouts on American Skathic 1 & 2, Detroit’s Power Skanksters crank out 12 tracks ranging from intense modern punk ska, to old skool 60’s soul ska/rock steady, to Latin grooves that will make your parents Jump Up!!

The Parka Kings "23 Skiddo"
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