THE PARKA KINGS – “Bienvenidos” CD – (JUMP012 – OUT OF PRINT)

Detroit’s PARKA KINGS are part of today’s American ska elite, establishing a world-wide fan base in (4) short years through top-appearances on American Skathic Vols 1 & 2 (combined 20,000 units), plus their great 1995 debut on Jump Up! called “23 SKIDOO” (JUMP004). The band has taken the last few years to fine-tune their range, and we’d have to honestly say that this album single-handedly captures all the styles that make today’s American Ska movement so strong! As we’d expect, the P.K.’s bring us several strong uptempo 3rd wave ska jams, complete with grinding guitar, horn-driven melodies, and emotional Mod-punk vocals. What we didn’t expect: straight-up Jamaican Lee Perry/UPSETTER style early 70’s reggae, with a HARRY J “Liquidator”-style bassline/keys, tweeked-out blunted dub versions, and rude-boy DJ/chating. Then they jump into some Irish drinking songs set to ska beats; beer-swiggin’ sing-a-long chants that would bring a grin to the tuffest pirate or football hoodlum! Rounding off this album are some pop-shuffley Mod jams, ready-steady-go anthems for today’s jet-set. The P.K.’s are a band that could only have developed in today’s open-minded Midwest ska scene (home of Hot Stove Jimmy, Exceptions, Skolars, & Skapone), and this album will appeal to all styles of ska fans: the old skool Hepcat/Mobtown sect, the 3rd wave neo-traditional MOON kidz, and the pop-punk skanksters who die for MUSTARD PLUG, DHC, and BUCK-O-NINE. American Skathic lives on through the top-notch bands it beleived in from the very beginning….Midwest Ska…it just gets better with time!

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1. “City Limits”
2. “Souled”
3. “Shocks”
4. “Mob Boss”
5. “Midnight Sails”
6. “Juliette”
7. “Bros To The Rescue”
8. “Pablo Can’t Take It”
9. “Kidnapped”
10. “Dubnapped”
11. “Jefferson Assembly”
12. “Slow Me Down”
13. “Drug Prowling Wolf”
14. “American C.P.S.”
15. “One By One”

The Parka Kings "Beinvenidos"
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