It’s been three years since the acclaimed debut release from Detroit’s Telegraph, and with this new century brings “Switched On”–the band long awaited and highly anticipated follow-up full length album. After years of extensive touring of the U.S. and Canada with the Suicide Machines, Mustard Plug, & Limp, not to mention several of their own national tours, the band finally took time off to write “Switched On” with their two new members: Matt Van from the now defunct Parka Kings and Derek Grant (ex-Suicide Machines & Thoughts of Ionesco). For almost a year, the band dilligently perfected their crafed and have written most mature material to date, delivering on what past recordings have only hinted at. Brilliantly sculpted, sophisticated yet simple pop songs that remind you of 80’s pop/rock with a little of that hometown Motown rock n roll flare. An album that will sure appeal to many walks of life, be it indie, emo, punk, pop, whatever…..The Telegraph have taken their music to the next level. What’s next? The Telegraph will once again hit the road this summer / fall in the States as well as Europe, Canada, and Japan to support “Switched On”, what more do you really need to know?

For Fans Of: Green Day, Elvis Costello, Suicide Machines, Stereophonics, No Doubt, Hippos, The Stereo, Mighty Mighy Bosstones

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The Telegraph "Switched On"
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