THUMPER – “Songs From the Grave” CD – (JUMP023)

Jump Up! Records is pleased to present the latest release from one of the seminal bands of the recent ska boom, Thumper. Formed in 1991 Thumper has sold over 20,000 albums, appeared on over twelve national and international compilations, and toured much of the U.S. and Canada many times over. Their 1995 album “No One Left The Disco Alive” charted as high a 118 on the CMJ. Lauded for their unique blend of ska, punk, and metal Thumper has had an important influence on the face of ska influenced music. Known for their intense live performances Thumper was voted “…most brutal ska-core band alive.” Their maniacal lyrics and themes, including their infamous “American Ninja” costumes, consistently caused a stir, and may have even caused the recent wave of death threats against the band. These death threats have caused Thumper, in the interest of their physical safety, to disband. “Songs From The Grave” is a collection of Thumper’s 1991 release “Rabbit Wreaking Havoc”, their 1993 release “Another Day”, two live recordings made during 1996, and a hilarious documentation of an actual fire during one of the band’s practices. This includes Thumper’s crowd-pleasing cover of Ozzy Osbourne’s hit Crazy Train. “Songs From The Grave” is an important historical document of the origins of skacore and ska punk, a must own for any Thumper fan, or ska music aficionado.

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1. “Rabbit Wreaking Havoc”
2. “Another Day”
3. “No One Left The Disco Alive”
4. “Hellfire And Damnation”
5. “Songs From The Grave”
6. “Mash It Up II and III”
7. “Skanarchy I, II and III”
8. “Ska Cover To Cover”
9. “This Aren’t Two Tone”
10. “Misfits OF Ska II”
11. “Tag Team Ska”
12. “Ska The Third Wave II”
13. “Demons Checkerboard Ska”
14. “Skandalous I’ve Got You Covered”
15. “Metalliska”
And a soon to be released 7″ on Asian Man Records

Thumper "Songs From the Grave"
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