TRAVELERS ALL STARS “HEART SHAPED” 10″ vinyl – limited Mexican import!

We’ve got a very small amount of these wonderful 10″ sized heart shaped red vinyl records from Chez Nobody Records in Mexico! “Love In The Stars” and “Weekend Lover” are killer instrumental early / skinhead reggae jams in the vein of THE UPSETTERS, CRYSTALITES or THE AGGROLITES. Produced by Moises Chez and recorded
at YOX DISCOS (México City, 2021). Very collectible don’t delay!

– Jorge Martínez (Drums)  – Israel Padrón (Bass)  – Eduardo “Lalo” Hammond (Keyboard)  – Orlando Martínez (Lead Guitar)  – Virgilio Ramírez (Mute Guitar &Bass)  – Ludovic Ortiz (Mute Guitar &Tambourine)


All Stars
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