TYRONE TURTLE & THE STEADY ROCKERS “The Fabulous Sounds of….” LP – Beautiful Brazilian ska/reggae vinyl debut!

SCREAMING RECORDS very first LP is a wicked 7 tracker from the young Brazilian act TYRONE TURTLE & THE STEADY ROCKERS! Not many are familiar with TYRONE TURTLE & TSR but that is soon about to change. The ambitious 6-piece, spearheaded by Argentina-born singer and key songwriter Diego Sanchez, spent the year of 2021 releasing six singles and establishing a name for themselves  worldwide!  Six very different tunes ranging from the storming, upbeat instrumental ska-track “Franco Nero” to the captivating love song “In Your Eyes”, to the happy go lucky “Drunk & Dancing” as well as the amazing Paul Anka-cover rendition of “Diana”.  All of  these singles plus the exclusive dub-version of “In Your Eyes” are on this debut vinyl release. “The Fabulous Sounds of …” is truly a traditional, authentic blend of ska and rocksteady, and reggae mixed with a variety of Brazilian styles and instruments; standout track is the beautiful “Minha” with its samba-infused feel and Brazilian instrumentation.  Songs are mixed by Roger Rivas (The Aggrolites) in Los Angeles and Jayson Nugent (The Slackers) in New York respectively – and Victor Rice has made the In Your Eyes dub-version entitled “In Your Dub” from his NYC studio. Limited to 300 copies, our allotment will surely go fast!


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