Various Artists – American Skathic Vol. 1 CD – (JUMP001 – OUT OF PRINT)

Following in the footsteps of successful regional U.S. ska compilations like Mashin’ Up The Nation, Skaface, California Ska-Quake, New York Beat, and Ska Gone South, Jump Up! Records released American Skathic to expose the world to the wealth of ska music that has existed in the Midwest since the early 80’s. American Skathic’s 20 bands span the years 1981-1994, and dispelled the common belief that American ska exists only on the East & West coasts. American Skathic–A Portrait of Midwest Ska Past & Present has garnered tremendous criticall acclaim from writers and DJ’s worldwide including Billboard and Alternative Press, while locally it’s been a focal point in two Chicago Tribune articles (inc front page of Tempo October 7, 1994), received a full page piece in New City Magazine, and generated two near capacity shows at major indie rock club Metro. Alternative Press called it “fast, slow, weird [and] wonderful. American Skathic has it all. The beat never stops and neither will your feet.” Ameircan Skathic was the first CD release for top national touring artists Johnny Socko, Mustard Plug, and MU330, while also reissuing 2-Tone era gems from Heavy Manners, who toured the Midwest with the Clash, Erector Set, and S.L.K.. Many syles of ska are represented here: punk/skacore, traditional, 2-Tone, slow rock-steady, and uptempo modern stuff–something for everyone! You don’t have to live in the Midwest to be a part of the American Skathic!

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1. Weaker Youth Ensemble, “American Style”
2. Exceptions, “I Hate Mornings”
3. Skolers*, “Rude Girl”
4. Johnny Socko, “Vasectomy”
5. Pacers*, “Ye Olde Haus of Mutton”
6. International Jet Set*, “It’s Time”
7. Ten Cent Fun*, “Skankin’ In Moon Boots”
8. Tom Collins & The Cocktail Shakers*, “Chuck Taylors”
9. Skapone, “Troubled Again”
10. Mustard Plug, “Grow Up”
11. Heavy Manners*, “Down in Jamaica”
12. Erector Set*, “G.I. Jump”
13. MU330, “Fleeba”
14. SLK*, “Window Dressing”
15. Elevators*, “Vandetta”
16. Blue Meanies, “Blah Blah Blah”
17. Jack Kevorkian And The Suicide Machines, “Hey”
18. Invaders, “Feel Like I Should”
19. Parka Kings*, “Jacked”
20. Gangster Fun*, “Shook Me All Night Long”
21. Heavy Manners, “Taking the Queen to Tea”
*Denotes Exclusive to CD Track