Various Artists – “American Skathic Vol. 2″ – More Ska From America’s Breadbasket – (JUMP002 – OUT OF PRINT)

The second in a extremely popular Midwest ska series, returning hot on the heels of American Skathic–A Portrait of Midwest Ska Past & Present, which garnered tremendous criticall acclaim from writers and DJ’s worldwide including Billboard and Alternative Press. Locally, the American Skathic CD was a focal point in two Chicago Tribune articles (inc front page of Tempo October 7, 1994), received a full page piece in New City Magazine, and generated two near capacity shows at major indie rock club Metro. Alternative Press called it “fast, slow, weird [and] wonderful. American Skathic has it all. The beat never stops and neither will your feet.” Volume I forced the world to wake up and realize that there’s more U.S. ska than what’s on the coasts, and fans worldwide began to beg for more. Well, MORE is NOW! American Skathic II continues a great tradition with an incredible 22 band line-up, each taking the ska and giving it a unique modern twist. Volume II contains favorites from the first CD including Blue Meanies, Pacers, Parka Kings, Invaders, Skolars, Skapone, Johnny Socko, The Exceptions, and Mustard Plug. Appearing for the first time on this volume are Stinkfish, Slapstick, Suspect Bill, Smitty, Assassinators, Jungle Dogs, High Ball Holiday, Secret Cajun Band, Jinkies, Superdot, Mr 2 Badd, Skatet, and Mista Mina. Wheather you like ska punk/core, traditional, 2-Tone, slow rock-steady, or uptempo modern stuff, American Skathic II does it all. In short, this is a classic of no equal, and is the definitive overview of the ska explosion happening in America’s Breadbasket today.

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1. The Blue Meanies, “It Doesn’t Matter”
2. The Pacers*, “Brand New Day”
3. Stinkfish*, “Ronnie’s Revenge”
4. Slapstick, “Johnny”
5. Suspect Bill, “Shipwrecked”
6. Parka Kings*, “Dish or Die”
7. Smitty*, “Obnoxious”
8. Mista Mina*, “When I Saw You Downtown”
9. Assassinators*, “Bottle Down”
10. Jungle Dogs, “Crazy”
11. Invaders, “G-Man”
12. Skolars, “She Cries”
13. Skapone*, “Can’t Be Beat”
14. High Ball Holiday*, “Skinhead Girls”
15. Secret Cajun Band, “Mr. Canoe”
16. Jinkie*, “Darlin”
17. Skatet*, “Blow the Roof Off”
18. Johnny Socko*, “When the Baugh Breaks”
19. The Exceptions*, “Carnal Carnival”
20. Mustard Plug*, “Mendoza”
21. Superdot*, “Sooper Dooper Hooper”
22. Mr 2 Badd*, “Big Shot”
*Denotes Exclusive to CD Track