Various Artists – “Ska American Style” Picture Disc CD/LP (out of print)

Started in 1993, Jump Up! ska has quickly become one of today’s top ska labels by releaseing 14 full-length albums, including the massive four-volume compilation series titled American Skathic. Now over the 30,000 unit mark collectively, the American Skathic series enabled Jump Up! to release full-length albums from the top bands featured on the series, who are all represented here with EXCLUSIVE NEW TRACKS. From swing to fplk, drinking chants to Mod-explosion soul, new wave to punk, carnival rock to skinhead reggae, Jump Up!’s brand of ska continues to push the limits of today’s new ska sound. With the recent successess of punk ska and ska-influenced bands like No Doubt, Reel Big Fish, Suicide Machines, Less Than Jake, and Mighty Mighty Bosstones, this exciting new compilation will instantly capture the modern ska fan, and introduce them to the multitude of hybrids that built today’s ska foundation.

“While the East and West Coast ska masses line up behind Django and Hepcat and bicker over which coast rules the Third Wave, the Midwest region has been humbly but steadily producing solid ska in all styles. Chicago DJ Chuck Wren recognized this years ago and founded Jump Up! Just to prove that Midwest ska exists. After four successful volumes of American Skathic, the label is back with a new compilation, introducing us to new and old bands in the ska crop of Middle America. What’s remarkable about this comp is the wide range of styles, from the swing flavor of Suspect Bill to grungy ska of The Eclectics. There are 19 tracks here from 11 bands, most of whom have full-length releases on the Jump Up! label. Some of these bands have been kicking around the Midwest scene in one form or another for years. Tracing their roots back into the 80s are bands like Gangster Fun and Skapone who contribute solid tracks with strong evidence of their dedication and experience. Most exciting, though, is the new sound of stand-out Jump Up! youngsters like Hot Stove Jimmy and The Adjusters. Hot Stove Jimmy’s carnival-style punk/ska is hot and unquavering. And The Adjusters have simply carved out their own niche as today’s only soul-inspired preachers of progressive, politically-conscious ska. Like many compilations, there are some forgettable tracks here, but there’s enough decent ska here to make all of America proud of the heartland” 
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1. Telegraph, “American Way”
2. Parka Kings, “Whiskey, Wine & Roserys”
3. Eclectics, “Siddhartha”
4. Hot Stove Jimmy, “Seven Day Stretch”
5. Suspect Bill, “Cafe Trichter”
6. Exceptions, “Box”
7. Deal’s Gone Bad, “Elephants”
8. Adjusters, “Rebel Jam”
9. Gangster Fun, “Date With Density”
10. Telegraph, “Silly of Me”
11. Exceptions, “Nasty”
12. Skapone, “Tracy”
13. Suspect Bill, “Crazy Joes”
14. Parka Kings, “2 Million Dollars”
15. Adjusters, “The Way You Move”
16. Hot Stove Jimmy, “Likes of Lessions”
17. Gangster Fun, “Oh Paranoia”
18. Eclectics, “One Little Step”
19. Rhymefest, “The Ska Machine”

Various Artists "Ska American Style"
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