Various Artists – “Smash Your Radio 2″ CD – (JUMP039 – OUT OF PRINT)

After 7 years and nearly 40 releases, JUMP UP RECORDS unleashes another budget sampler for the holiday season. Regarded as one of America’s top indie labels, JUMP UP continuously develops and promotes bands within many different scenes all across the world! Smash Your Radio 2 focuses on records that were released in the past year PLUS new, unreleased projects that will see light of day in 2001. What is the sound of JUMP UP Records these days….that’s really hard to say! In addition to the various styles of ska the label is known for, JUMP UP has released punk, snotty rock & roll, Northern Soul, mod/power-pop, post-wave, emocore, skinhead reggae, dub, and much much more. Another important aspect to Smash Your Radio Vol 2 is it’s increased range: bands are represented from Los Angeles, San Francisco, London, Canada, Germany, Boston, New Jersey as well as the label’s homegrown markets of St Louis, Chicago, and Detroit. We’ve even invited a few of Victory’s band’s to join in on this second volume beacuse they rock

Bands Featured:
Telegraph–three records to date and countless tours of the states
{SPUNGE}–From England, these guys are Europe’s hottest ska-punk band
Horace Pinker–legendary pop-punk band with a Jawbreaker connection
The Porters–“amphetamine soul” band with ex-Parka Kings members
Dr Ring Ding–German dancehall/ska genius w/ 3 albums to date
The Inciters–smashing 60’s style Northern Soul from San Fran
MegaSuperUltra–Chicago’s manic mod/power pop 3 piece
Teenage Frames–snotty rock/punk from Hollywood
Hot Stove Jimmy–manic Bungle/core from Chicago
The Eclectics–post-wave punk from Chicago
Deal’s Gone Bad–pub-flavored skinhead reggae
The Stand—mod/organ pop from Chicago
Thumper—evil metal ska from Boston
Orangetree–St Louis’s insane punk/ska champs
Dr Manette–Weezer/punk 
N & H–political punk/ska/hardcore from Canada 
special guest appearaces from Victory Records’ River City Rebels and Johnny Socko!

We’re also busting out some of the finest trad-ska/skinhead reggae from all across the West Coast: Go Jimmy Go (Hawaii), The Israelites (Los Angeles), Steady Ups (Sacramento), Vessels/Dub Street Rockers (Los Angeles)

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Various Artists "Smash Your Radio 2"
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