FLYING VIPERS “Green & Copper: The First Two Tapes” LP vinyl – two color variations!

Flying Vipers’ sound is of another time and place! For the first time on vinyl, the original cassette releases from the Flying Vipers are together on one heavyweight record. Recorded and mixed on a Tascam cassette 8-track, the music is a loving tribute dank 70s dub reggae, deeply in debt to the original Jamaican engineers of the ’70s who turned their mixing consoles into the lead instrument à la Lee “Scratch” Perry and King Tubby. Twelve dubwise instrumentals drenched in spring reverb, cosmic tape delay and mystic vibes. The Vipers lay down steady drum & bass driven rhythms with jazz tinged melodies and post-punk attitude,  the songs are manipulated with twists and turns of the console, saturated tape delays and exaggerated EQ until the track becomes something new. Available on Emerald Green clear vinyl and Volcanic Copper metallic vinyl each limited to 250 copies.

Note:  this is NOT part of the 2022 subscription clubs b/c we have so many releases coming out this year!

Flying Vipers
Green & Copper Vinyl
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2Metallic Copper LP $20.001.00 lbs
3Get Both Colors (Save $5)$35.002.00 lbs
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