VOIDUNIONThe VOID UNION is a musical collective, brought together by their love of Jamaican music styles. Their core line-up consists of current and former members of Boston soul/ska road heroes WESTBOUND TRAIN – Thad Merritt on bass, Jesse Hayes on drums, Rich Graiko on trumpet, Alex Stern on guitar, and Anant Pradhan on tenor and alto sax. Both on and off stage, the VOID UNION invite other, like-minded musicians to join in – so it’s no surprise that their sophomore full length “HIGHER GUNS’ includes appearances from KING DJANGO, ANGELO MOORE, DAVE HILLYARD, and OBI FERNANDEZ just to name a few. This album has two distinct faces – Side 1 showcases the VOID UNION as a powerhouse instrumental Jamaican jazz collective, full of scorchin’ ska and scratchy reggae that’s independence-era SKATALITES one minute, conscious 70s   TOMMY McCOOK & THE SUPERSONICS the next. Five tracks of pure musical genius.

On Side Two the VOID UNION opens the door to some truly honored guests!  KING DJANGO and OBI FERNANDEZ go head to head on “AIMING”, PRESSURE COOKER’S CRAIG AKIRA FUJITA takes over on the  rockers excursion “ROCK THE FUNCTION”, the sultry vocals of HAYLEY JANE graces “GARDEN OF EDEN” and ANGELO “DR MADD VIBE” MOORE of FISHBONE puts on his GIL SCOTT HERON cap and gets wordsmith on  “FLY-A-ME-AWAY”.  And those are just the vocal guests…DAVID HILLYARD, JOEY LEFITZ, RAY JACILDO, and JOSH COHEN contribute on side two as well!

If its sweet timeless Jamaican grooves you’re looking for, the VOID UNION are for you. Their years of experience in the Jamaican music scene have earned your attention…their mission is to always keep music and art the number one priority. All in all, the VOID UNION just wants to make sweet music and keep people on the dance floor all night long.

Limited Edition Vinyl Pressing of 500 copies. JUMP097LP

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VOID UNION “Higher Guns”

Produced by Void Union
Additional Engineering by Richard Marr, Steve Foote, Jeff Baker, and Alex Stern
Mixed by Rich Graiko  Mastered by Matthew Ellard

The Void Union are:
Rich Graiko: Trumpet, Percussion, Backing Vocals, Melodica
Anant Pradhan: Tenor and Alto Saxophone, Percussion
Thaddeus Merritt: Electric and Upright Bass
Alex Stern: Guitar, Piano, Organ, Vocals , Backing Vocals
Jesse Hayes: Drums, Percussion, Vocals

Special Guests:

Jeff “King Django” Baker: Vocals

Obi Fernandez: Vocals

Angelo “Dr Madd Vibe” Moore: Vocals
Hayley Jane: Vocals
Craig Akira Fujita: Vocals
Steve Borth: Vocals and Saxophone
Ruby Fox: Vocals
Josh Cohen; Saxophone
Johnny DeCarlo: Guitar
Ray Jacildo: Organ
David Hillyard: Tenor Saxophone
Joey Lefitz: Percussion

Recorded in Boston and Brooklyn

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